Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mixed and Muddled Messages (and Sarah Palin)

It would be laudable to write a blog with a single theme, one coherent message, a dedication to a sole subject, but my life never seems to be that simple. Instead I am multi-tasking and I feel like some Earth Warrior Mother, a many-armed Durga with spade, ladle, watering can, basket and magic wand in hands. And, of course, because I have no time for myself, I’m waking each morning inspired with ideas, imaginative goals and creative projects so numerous, that if I don’t find a few minutes at least to write these down I’m going to have trouble even remembering them, never mind fulfilling them. I want to make collage, paint, photograph, read, explore but instead I must gather, preserve, dig, cut and cook. I start one job, only to be distracted by another and so on all day long until by bedtime (or more correctly blog-time) I’m surrounded by a maze of half completed tasks to unravel. And my mind is similarly tattered, hence rambling subjects here tonight. August for a self-sufficient dreamer is Hell!
There is an expression in English, “to carry coals to Newcastle” this city being the main supplier in the 19th Century. In other words, a redundant enterprise and quite pointless. So blogging today’s lunch recipe of green fried tomatoes for my audience of mainly Americans would be the equivalent. Anyway, the Internet is fully loaded in this regard, or else, find the recipe at the back of Fannie Flagg’s book. But for anyone who hasn’t tried this Southern treat, I recommend it. Better than chips or French fries, but in that ballpark (to keep the analogy Stateside), certainly no diet food and better, just occasionally, for that. Is there anything more rewarding than upturning a barrel of new potatoes with it’s secret hoards spilling out into the previously concealed sunlight? I don’t think so. And then there’s the taste, heavenly. These are the moments for which one gives up all those painterly pursuits.
See, there is another subject; Sage Elixia, see above in bottle, it will have to wait, another time.

I’m so pleased that the British (and friends) have at last joined the debate to counteract the appalling propaganda by the American right on the National Health Service on Twitter #welovethenhs. At last, some truth from the people who have first hand knowledge. I can’t express the disgust that has been prevalent this side of the pond in what has been argued by people like Sarah Palin and the others with axes to grind and vested interests to protect. This type of mis-information is closer to Stalin's reign of terror than a modern democracy. (as I speak #welovethenhs is under attack from the right, spamming and swamping, they have a bot in charge, one would like to think that a robot was all they could find to support the case, these people are really running scared!)


Carol said...

Fabulous post!!! Your photos and veggies... cannot wait to hear about the sage elixir! and thanks for speaking out from across the pond... I shudder and blush ... more turn beet red with shame from the outrageous lies that come out of our 'democracy'.

sweet bay said...

How about the lady who demanded that the government stay out of her Medicare... I have to admit I laughed when I heard that.

chaiselongue said...

I know just how you feel about time and so many things to do ... always wish I had at least two days for every one, for paid work (unfortunately necessary), gardening, cooking, writing, thinking ... oh, make that five days for every one! Quite agree about Palin, etc. There was an interesting item on the World Service this morning, a discussion between a right-wing American and a reasonable one, pointing out that, while some people in the US had quicker care than in UK, millions of Americans had no health care at all! Bon courage for the preserving!

Jan said...

I couldn't agree more about the health service "debate", how dare those people rubbish the NHS! As for fried green tomatoes, we had them the other day for the first time ever, and they were good!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Cracking post Fay.

That's surely one of the points of a 'society', healthcare regardless of means.

The NHS has certain management issues, but it's swift nowadays and draws from an enormous talent pool. I'd hate to get ill at the same time as a cash flow problem somewhere else.

Woodland Fay said...

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and wise words. It's always so great to get feedback and I appreciate your time in writing. On the National Health Service, one footnote: I was taken very ill in my late 20's and spent four weeks in hospital while they tried every test to diagnose what was eventually found to be a rare and wasting condition. My life has since been lead with the realisation and gratitude that if it hadn't been for the hard work and dedication of the staff, I would not have lived past 30. I'm still being monitored continually and have never felt anything but admiration for all the doctors, paramedics, nursing staff, orderlies and even porters that I have had need of in the intervening years. Despite long hours and less pay than in private practice they show endless energy and commitment to their chosen vocation. Oh, and my G.P. performed a small miracle on my arthritic wrist this week, a shot in the joint, fan-bloody-tasic! Long live the NHS!