Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Choco shelf-elves

The shelf-elves have been busy in the village Waitrose. Sometime in the night they employed tiny elfish bulldozers to empty the shelves of usual groceries and replace them with Christmas chocolate. Every possible seasonal concoction is represented clothed in tempting iridescence splendour or wrapped in blissfully bowed boxes, just crying ‘Buy me!’
I love the idea of chocolate, but I am of the unhappy few, unable to enjoy a pick-me-up therapeutic binge, in that after the first two or three mouthfuls I find it clawing. The problem with that is that after my reduced nibbling the rest mysteriously disappears, pilfered by guilty hands lurking around the house. So my treat is glacé fruits, nobody purloins those, still too sweet, but less additive, so that after just one I can walk away. I promise to keep persevering with chocolate in the hope that one day, hooked, I will need my fix like other normal well-adjusted women. Off to practice on the hard stuff, Excellence 85% Cocoa.

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artistsgardenstudio said...

Oh - Waitrose and chocolate - two of my favorite things ... but we don't have Waitrose here in Wales :(
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I have to add my Garden blog link here as your comments doesn't have the tab for websites!