Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Kids, cluck!

While tidying-up after breakfast yesterday it was remarked upon that I was a little out of touch with my ketchup bottles. This youngster suggested I should adopt plastic. I assured her that that would happen ‘over-my-dead-body’. Perhaps a little too enthusiastically, she fell into laughter and derision. “But why?” she asked hardly containing herself. So it fell on me, with ardent, if unusual, backup from Nick to explain the aesthetics of the glass sauce bottle. More laughter. I made my case not only on the appreciation of beauty and good taste but also on ecological grounds and from today after a reconnoitre at the supermarket on a financial footing too. Philistines these young’uns, if it isn’t squeezy food (saving on nanosecond of precious gaming time) or if it’s a black and white film (just too boring, no matter how classic) or, god forbid, in subtitles (requiring a smidgen of concentration) it’s out.
Proud to be of an older generation.

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Fiona said...

Oh I so agree! Besides - look what fun you can have developing an expert 'slap' to the sauce bottle! Kids don't understand the joys of having grown up in the sixties!