Monday, 19 January 2009

Paul Dunmall at Cafe OTO

The last time I studied life drawing was at Chelsea School of Art in the 70's but I've discovered a local class and last week when along. Boy, was I rusty! As with all arts the more you practice the better the chance of performing well, so this week I have been taking pens and paper when ever I'm out and about. Yesterday evening, that meant Cafe OTO in Dalston, where Nick was playing with Paul Dunmall, Tony Marsh. The trio have recorded on our Loose Torque label and if you are interested you can put sound to image at All Said and Dun where there is also video of Paul playing with same lineup. Of course, I was heading for the deep end for as subject matters, musicians, in frantic, dynamic, flow are difficult, to say the least, to 'catch'. Some artists manage the trick of motion brilliantly, but I've still to master a still life. I chose Paul to sketch (well, to show you, anyway, even with horribly inaccurate legs). I will post a drawing regularly, if nothing else to enable me to see some improvement over time, well hopefully. To see how it should be done check out Julie's Pictures


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you would post a drawing or two.... very impressed :-) x x x

Julie Oakley said...

I think this is really, really good. Those hands are marvellous. Have you seen dear departed Cindy Woods blog? She has some wonderful observations of musicians.

Woodland Fay said...

Many thanks Julie, for your kind comments and for turning me on the Cindy Woods. Reading her blog made me realise that blogging can be such a powerful way to leave a legacy. I loved the way she had got the musos to sign the sketch, must remember that when I feel confident enough.