Thursday, 26 February 2009

Saint-Émilion with Pastels

Another workout with my new pastels. I'm trying to explore what's possible in this medium both in stylistic and practical terms. Saint-Émilion is another preferred stop on our journeys through France, not only for the charm of the village, but of course, for it's fabulous product, it's wine. Saint-Émilion's history goes back to prehistoric times and is a World Heritage site. It has fascinating churches and old, ruinous buildings stretching along steep and narrow streets. Since Roman times there were vineyards on it's slopes. The photograph, from which I have taken this image, was taken near a lovely bistro/cave called L'Envers du Décor, where you can take your meal and your glass of Grand Cru Classé Château Soutard wine in the troglodyte garden, a small outside space at the back of the cafe overshadowed and enclosed by the 8th Century carved hermitage. The poster was a gift from the proprietor, I admired the design and loved the "English spoken with a French accent" finish.



Tatyana said...

Hi Fay! I like it. Warm colors, comfortable feeling, I want to walk through that town...

Jo said...

What a magical place (both the bistro & St. Emilion). It's a lovely poster too! Using the pastels really has captured the warmth of the sunshine on the buildings :-)
Glad to hear you'll be holidaying in sunny Suffolk this year, we're off to Wester Ross next friday, snow predicted, it's going to be beautifully wild & remote....good job there's a little pub within staggering distance!
Love Jo x x x

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hello Fay

I had a little look around your portfolio through your web page. It's good stuff as is this pastel drawing.

So am I reading this right? Grand Cru Classe in one hand pastels in the other and without spilling a drop!


Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Lovely Fay - Such a treat to see your art work.

Woodland Fay said...

Hahaha, Rob always! That's why we are trying to grow of own. Our merlot will never be Grand Cru standard though I'm afraid, even in good English summers.
Thank to you all for your comments, lovely to hear for you.