Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Double Dated and Still Stood Up (Just)

I had a special date in my diary for 19th May 2009, Chelsea Flower Show Member’s Day, which sadly fell though due to a misunderstanding and delayed action (by me, I hasten to add), so to partly recommence for the loss, I booked my sister for a day, as fellow photographer at Kew Gardens (thinking, deviously, it would be empty of visitors as they would have all been quicker off the draw for the RHS Chelsea tickets!) but again, the visit has been postponed (by me, I hasten to add, again). I cried off, as I’ve been restless and sleepless for many nights and just couldn’t face the storms predicted along with the endless and exhausting high winds we have been having here for two weeks, which have seen me rushing around trying to protect all my newly planted seedlings in manic mode. A strong wind on a sunny day is my idea of glorious weather usually, but these winds are so damaging and relentless, they have had the better of me and even the rough and tumble bully-boy black bamboo is struggling to right itself. It must have been a worry trying to put a show garden together while battling this whirling turmoil, my hat flies off to them;-) At least I can participate in the virtual Chelsea, albeit with a certain amount of grimace, due to some, well most, of the BBC presenters and too much time spent on the show gardens and not enough down-to-earth plantsmanship in the pavilions. If you would like to take a tour around the grounds and find a world of everything gardening, lose an hour or two here. Five episodes available as I blog and another four days coverage to come and that's enough for the keenest gardener, hardly leaving enough time to actually get out there and do it!


Phoenix C. said...

Those winds sound very high, Woodland Fay! We've had wheely bins blown over here, but no plant damage.

I'll treat myself to a look at the link, but as you say - more time spent at present out doing the gardening than watching it! May is so wonderfully growy!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Fay

I know it's been windy over there as the beeb's coverage suffered a few niggles.

Presenter wise, I could listen to Chris Beardshaw all day.

I used to make time to watch Gardeners World but that's been practically ruined by the wrong personell


Jan said...

Have just been enjoying reading back through your blog, courtesy of blipfoto!