Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Gardening Un-coordinated (A love Letter)

I was so surprised and delighted, when, after all the years of self-sufficiency-dreaming on my behalf, Nick took to gardening when the opportunity presented itself. He had his own style, of course, totally juxtaposed to mine, which, as always, is to be expected. Nevertheless, he embraced it as a new and pleasurable pastime, which could be enjoyed outside, basking in his beloved sun-stoke-inducing weather and rewarded with an ice cooled gin and tonic as the sun hit the yardarm. Weeding was out, (well, how convenient!) nature was all. And, of course, there was the idea of maybe being able to grow a drink or two!

He also re-found a childhood mania for digging holes. Not just any little ten or twelve inch planting holes, but serious here-comes-Australia holes! (Yesterday, a house painter came to size up our windows for a quote and asked me how we grew bamboo as thick and tall as we do. I had to describe the hole Nick dug for the root ball. I don’t think he believed me!) Anyway, what ever turned him on was OK by me, as long as we could do it side by side. (With constant know-it-all comments from both parties.) When he suffered his back injury he was amused to find himself telling the physiotherapist that amongst his ‘hobbies’ was gardening. It took him by surprise, which was more than a little ironic, as that’s what brought him there in the first place.
Well, the truth is, despite the endless banter of ‘my way is the only way’ that we both indulge in, I miss him along side me. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying gardening is a duel process for me; it’s the interplay that keeps me interested and feisty. To get to the nub of the blog and problem, suddenly I’m on my tod and I hate it. Yesterday, I spent four hours slogging at the allotment planting beans, erecting poles and ploughing through general maintenance, which would have seemed like half an hour in his company.
Here is a quick roundup of the varieties of bean and tomato I’m growing this year, with an apology that I’m not blogging as much as I would like due to fact that I’m flying solo so far this growing season. Hope he’s on the mend soon and comes out the other side still retaining his enthusiasm for the task in hand, albeit in our separate camps! Love you, miss you!

Fagioli Rampicanti (Yard Long Beans)
Fagioli Nani (Cannellino Bush Beans)
Borlotto Rosso (Dwarf Beans)
Borlotto Centofiamme (Climber: the Mystery Bean see previous post)
Triofo Violtto (Climbing Purple French Bean)
My own breed of runner beans (a show stopper)

Orange Queen
Green Zebra
Russian Prune Noir
Noire De Crimee
Des Andes
Anna Russian
Purple Calabash
Ox Heart
Costoluto Fiorentino


Tatyana said...

Fay, I enjoyed reading your post! It made me smile. I thought about my boys who love to dig holes, the bigger the better! I also want those tomatoes with Russian names!

artslice said...

Your post gives me hope... I've been trying to coax my hubby to 'cross over to the other side' and do some gardening with me - as a way to do something together! (he works a lot and doesn't have much time for hobbies)
I'm going to have him read your post :)

ps - yummy looking veggies!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Fay

I know exactly where you're coming from. Occasionlly my wife Karen will get involved in the gardening 'thing' and even pull some weeds! Time simply speeds by and all in all, even the hardest 'graft' becomes OK.

You need to fire up the pysio to do his/her best work!

You Bean and Tomato varieties look wonderful. I hope the Met Office 'signal' for summer holds true and delivers a ripening sun.


Emily Hunter said...

Your tomatoes are GORGEOUS... I've just started a little porch garden, and have one little hybrid tomato planted... we'll see how it does out here in the foggy, fickle Bay Area summer climate...