Monday, 29 June 2009

The No-Mow Lawn

There are certain times of the year when we take a break from mowing. In Spring when the bulbs are flowering under the orchard we mow meandering paths through the lush glass and nodding heads of daffodils. Then it's full stream ahead with our lithium battery mower until the end of May, while the grass grows as fast as the blades can whirl. If we are lucky to experience a hot and dry June like this year, we retire to the terrace with the cocktail shaker and admire the lawn weeds, that come into flower under the baking sun. Bird's-foot-trefoil, red and white clover, hardy geraniums, ox-eye daisies, self-heal, wild thyme, speedwell, scarlet pimpernel, harebell, willow herb, lady's mantle, everlasting pea, red champion and ragged robin have all made our lawn less grass more meadow. In fact everything a well kept lawn shouldn't be, but the bees love it and so we excuse ourselves on their behalf!

Soft fruit blog soon, along with the best Raspberry Sorbet recipe ever, a promise! One added benefit to a no-mow lawn, Nick has time to manicure the vines.


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Fay

Your lawn really does look so beautiful and meadowy. You're lucky that so many wild species are already there. Creating a full on meadow requires a fair bit of work.

Nice pics by the way, I enlarged them all.

Phoenix C. said...

This looks wonderful, Woodland Fay! Such a variety of wild flowers.

I've left patches of unmown on my lawns - not as spectacular as yours, but plenty of clover, which the bees love!

Jan said...

Those photos of the lawn are gorgeous!

Carol said...

Anyone who would want to mow your beautiful painterly "lawn" must be insane! How lovely! Offering beauty and a bounty of food for treasured insects. Well Done! What incredible gifts is all you have to do is let it grow!